Friday, February 29, 2008

Nordkalottleden during winter time

Marko and me are looking forward to our tour on the Nordkalottleden trail vom Abisko to Kilpisjärvi. By train, we will travel to Abisko. From Abisko we start our hike by the use of backcountry skis and backpack. Currently we are preparing ourselves for that tour and organizing the remaining details. Some days ago we got our GPS Garmin E-Trex, which was partly sponsored by Globetrotter Outdoor Equipment, one of Germany' biggest outdoor stores.

Thanks also to Björn Klauer from the husky-farm in Innset, who kindly supported us with gps-data and knowledge about the Norwegian huts on our route. Björn is living near the Nordkalottleden and organizes winter and summer tours in Scandinavia.

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