Friday, February 29, 2008

Tasks of navigation and using gps & maps

Today I spend some time on finding out, how to navigate with Global Positioning System GPS during our winter tour on the Nordkalottleden trail from Abisko to Kilpisjärvi. We will be using the following maps:

  • Genimap: Halti, Kilpisjärvi, 1:50 000
  • Fjällkartan Sweden: BD1 Treriksröset-Rastojaure, ed. 2005, 1:100 000
  • Turkart Norwax: Nr. 2599 Bardu, ed. 2004, 1:100 000
Of these three maps I consider the Norwegian one the best, because it contains most informations and the imaging is done quite well. Every hut is listed including the number of beds and the provider of the hut. Using lots of time, I have plotted our way into the maps: alternative routes in winter, huts, dangerous paasages, gps-data and distances.

Furthermore I have dealed with the topic how to use the maps to navigate with gps. I found out, that all three maps are using different map-datums and grids. The Norwegian map is based on UTM and WGS84, the Swedish map is based on Sweref89 and RT90 grid and the Finnish map uses the KKJ27 grid in reference to Finland Hayford map datum. If you are using a gps, you necessarily have to adapt the gps' settings to the map-datum and the grip used within the map. To make it easier I have written these data onto the maps, which we are going to use. Before starting our tour, I will enter all important coordinates into our gps-device.

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