Thursday, March 27, 2008

GPS routing of our tour

Today I transferred all way points of our tour to our Garmin E-Trex H (sponsored by Globetrotter Equipment) by the use of a synchronization cable and the freeware EasyGPS(R). The GPS navigation is done now. It was plenty of work to measure all waypoints from the map and enter them into EasyGPS, but it will be worth the work, if the weather turns bad. The picture is a screenshot of our tour from EasyGPS:

ENGLISH TEXT: (German see below)
By downloading the following data you confirm, that you understood, that we can't take any responsibility for the correctness of the date and for any consequences resultiung from their use.

  • PDF File containing all waypoints and huts and pictures of some huts from Abisko to Kilpisjärvi in the main route of Nordkalottleden (winter): just send me a PM on facebook...
  • The GPX file with all waypoints and routes (you will need the pdf above as explaination) you'll just write me on facebook or so... The .gpx file is named as .txt => After downloading it, change the ending .txt into .gpx, then it will work.
  • Please Note: All GPS coordinates in UTM format of the huts mentioned in the pdf file are from DNT Oslo and should be quite correct.
  • Please note 2nd: Care for the different mapdatums (wgs84 and RT90) respectively the different position formats (UTM and Swedish Grid).
Mit dem Download der folgenden Dateien akzeptierst du, dass wir keinerlei Garantie für die inhaltliche Richtigkeit aller bereitgestellten Daten übernehmen!

  • Ein PDF File mit den Wegpunkten (! Ohne Garantie auf Richtigkeit / Korrektheit) und das entsprechende GPX File dazu sende ich gern zu, schreibt mir einfach auf facebook oder so. 
  • Ein Hinweis: Alle Daten die im PDF File als UTM-Format vorliegen UND Hütten lokalisieren sind vermutlich äußerst korrekt, da sie direkt von der Website des DNT Oslo entnommen sind.
  • Zweiter Hinweis: Man achte auf die verschiedenen Kartenbezugssysteme (WGS84 / RT90) und die verschiedenen Positionsformate (UTM / SwedishGrid).


Dori said...

Hey my european boys;) Wish you a wonderful time on your trip! have a cup of coffee for me when you guys are in Oulu! Look after yourselves!
Moi moi

Dori said...

hello my european boys;) Have fun on your trip and look after yourselves!! I want you guys back alive and in one piece;)
Moi moi

Wim Philipsen said...

The links to the PDF and de GPX files are broken. Are they still available?


Wim Philipsen