Monday, February 25, 2008

equipment - cooking and food

  • benzine stove (Primus Omnifuel)
  • repairset and tools for stove
  • benzine pump and benzine bottle (0,75L)
  • wind-shield for stove (Primus)
  • 9 tablespoonful of salt,
  • olive oil for every day's dinner
  • small cleaning sponge and some soap
  • 1,75L-pot, 1,5L-pot, plate which also works as lid
  • handle for pots (German: Griffzange)
  • sauce for pasta (fewest possible)
  • milk powder-protein-mixture for daily cereals (breakfast)
  • plastic bags and closures for packing cereals
  • 250g cereals per person and day
  • benzine for benzine stove (only few, if using huts)
  • 250g full wheat pasta per person and day
  • 3 tea-bags per person and day

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