Monday, February 25, 2008

equipment - other equipment

  • thermos bottle
  • BC-Ski with bindings
  • hiking sticks adjustable
  • fork, spoon or: spork
  • sleeping bag in compression bag
  • therm-a-rest (R) isolation mat for sleeping
  • knife / compact tool
  • small pencil for navigation issues
  • digital camera working with AA batteries, memory cards, bag
  • head light with fresh lithium batteries
  • small towel, teeth brush, small soap, small deodorant
  • sun lotion, lpf 30, much fat should be contained in the lotion as protection from the cold
  • vaseline
  • 2 chocolates, each 100g (for 10 days and one person)
  • identity card
  • assurance card
  • mountain association's identification card
  • mountains association's key for self service huts
  • cash money
  • bank cards, credit cards
  • important adresses and phone numbers
  • handy (battery won't work due to cold temperatures)
  • waxing cloth for skis
  • first aid paket
  • 10 small and 10 big cable ties, sewing needle with twine, seam-grip, nylon-cloth
  • pain-blockers and antibiotics, etc.
  • thermometer with scale to -40° C (interesting and for windchill)
  • storm lighter with benzine
  • waterprove matches
  • 15 m Dyneema cord 5mm for securing ice-crossings and dangerous passages, for repairing and connecting each other when sight is bad
  • powerbars, 3 pieces per day
  • Berocca, 2 tabs per day

1 comment:

peter krenslehner said...

habe kurz euren bericht überflogen.
inzwischen werdet ihr es wissen:
pulka statt rucksack
bc skis mit schuppen und kanten
anstatt der seile gibt es auch felle
und anstatt baclava gesichtschutz eher eine balaclava nehmen. schmeckt zwar nicht so gut, hält aber länger warm